Ambient Sound Meditation returns to Oona Bar

Saturday 1 April, Weserstraße 166.

By Staff

Cornelia and Léa are back for a spring awakening sound journey.

Following the success of their first workshop in November, the duo will transform Oona Bar once again into a cocoon for restoration and collective care, using Deep Listening as a medium to access our ability to feel.

Cornelia and Léa invite participants on a meditative journey into ambient sounds to slow down and step out of the hustle and bustle. This workshop offers an exploration of Presence through the sense of hearing and other tools of embodiment.

Evolving gradually, layer after layer, the voyage will start with a guided meditation to lower the volume of internal chatter and external sounds – an attempt to create more space and slowly awaken our bodily receptivity. As the mental waves settle, the curated ambient soundscape will progressively appear and open a new sonic dimension to dwell in the here and now, while the granular qualities of music take you on an enveloping sensory experience.

Please bring a blanket and a small cushion to make yourself comfortable for the session. Optionally, also bring a pen and paper.

Find out more and sign up here.