Ambient Sound Meditation at Oona Bar

Saturday 19 November, Weserstraße 166.

By Staff

Join us for an Ambient Sound Meditation workshop at Oona, hosted by Cornelia and Léa.

This 1,5-hour workshop from 12-13:30 on 19 November will take you on an exploration of presence through the sense of hearing and other tools of embodiment, transforming Oona Bar into a cocoon for restoration and collective care – using music as a medium to access our ability to feel.

Music lovers, awareness and touch explorers, sweet friends and co-creators, workshop hosts Cornelia and Léa respectively have different and complementary backgrounds which include dance, massage therapy, mindfulness, and movement exploration. As a common denominator, they share a big curiosity for human emotions and how they affect the body. On their individual paths, they are eager to discover new dimensions of perception using modalities such as music, conscious touch, and intuitive movement.  Please bring a blanket and a small cushion to make yourself comfortable for the session.

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