Alias Error’s morning coffee playlist

The Refuge Worldwide resident shares tracks ahead of her next Breakfast show, in collaboration with Minor Figures.

By Staff

Singer-songwriter Alias Error has delivered a slow-moving morning playlist with a blend of retro rhythms, ideal for a smooth start to your day.

Real name Alia Seror, Alias Error hosts the monthly Deep Pop show and is a regular member of Refuge Worldwide's Breakfast Show rotation. This playlist is deep and dreamy, most likely to be enjoyed with Alia's trademark hafer cappuccino.

Laurie Anderson - Same time tomorrow

"This is a Breakfast Show favourite of mine. Still convinced it's as good as it gets insofar as wake up/morning music goes."

Lettera 4 - Heith

"Transportive soundscapes from the album X, Wheel, which came out on Pan in 2022. Deep and dreamy, otherworldly magic for us slow-moving morning movers."

June11 - White Bird - Jan Van den Brooke

"For those of us who need a gentle but definitive push to get out of bed. From the album 1100 Dreams by Jan Van den Brooke, released on Stroom in 2017."

The Beginning of the End - Headache

"A fun way to start your morning is to chuck on this album. One of the many gems to come out of last year. Side project of Vegyn, with lyrics by Francis Hornsby Clark and performed by an AI. This particular track is a goodie for starting your day weird and wonderfully."

Perfume Tree - Dreaming

"Okay, now you’re awake. Recently did a deep dive into the entire catalogue of one of my favourite 90’s bands, Perfume Tree. Was more familiar with their later stuff. Discovered that their first album, Dust from 1992, also slaps. Will likely throw on a song from it on my next Breakfast show." :)

Tune in for Alia's next Breakfast Show on March 25th, in collaboration with Minor Figures.