Zvrra is a multi-genre music producer, DJ and video game developer based in the Chicago area. Zvrra has been producing music for 18 years and credits the prolific dance music soundtrack of 2003 video game Midnight Club 2 for her love of techno. Her music explores a multitude of genres and styles ranging from techno and house, to hip hop, to tribal and industrial, often blending styles and crafting intricate concept albums. Zvrra has garnered much attention in the dance music scene for her 2020 release “Flow State,” a hypnotic 4-track techno EP that has been supported by acts such as Shifted, DJ GIRL, Ron AD and more. Flow State was featured in Bandcamp's Best Electronic Music January 2021 round-up, acclaimed by Joe Muggs as “bass-heavy, crackling with textural detail, sensually enveloping.”