As a DJ, music curator, collector and radio host, Istanbul’s Zozo has a unique approach to create and alter musical moods for various occasions with a distinctive yet hard to pin down sound. She gets her kicks from seeing long-forgotten and criminally under-appreciated music experience a new lease of life. Peppering mixes with a vast range of influences varying from pulsing techno to lysergic oddities and traditional sounds of her native Turkey, a Zozo gig almost always materializes as a symbiosis of forward-facing electronics, contemporary dance music and carefully picked gems from the past she grew up on. 

Following the motto ‘life is hard but music is good’ from an early age, she has a seasoned character and deep understanding of the dynamics of the dance floor, with which she communicates with empathy. That has kept her busy on the weekends and she managed to bring her versatile taste to iconic dance floors as Panorama Bar, Contact Tokyo, De School, Ankali Prague, Robert Johnson or Salon des Amateurs. She is also a regular in high-rated  festivals such as Berlin Atonal, Primavera Sound, Waking Life, Lente Kabinet, Flow Festival, Strange Sounds From Beyond, Dekmantel and its Selectors offshoot to name a few. 

Part  of the  Lyon  based  label  &  dj  crew  Macadam  Mambo  and  resident  of Berlin institution Sameheads, Zozo nowadays operates as a resident DJ and musical advisor for Tavern  Istanbul  and  crowning  her  interest  in  music  and  art  with her multidisciplinary platform; AFOM INT.  (A friend of mine International), that brings together like minded friends, in different fields such as music, art, design and publishing. 

Resident Advisor