Zhar ⵣ

Nourished by Amazigh percussion and steeped in hip-hop and breakdance, Zhar ⵣ likes to open up the field of possibilities by creating unlikely combinations off the beaten track.

Her close proximity to the dancefloor means that she seeks to interest the dancer, to bounce around and get them to connect with the music. With this in mind, she inevitably attaches fundamental importance to the selection process, which is always carefully thought through and crafted.

She loves digging up bangers. Each set is a unique experience, a coherent whole with its own vibe, but always eclectic, punchy, and groovy.

To be able to combine freely without limiting herself to one genre, she naturally chose electro, to which she combines house, breakbeat, hip-hop, and oriental electro sounds according to her feeling. A regular fixture on the Strasbourg scene, she is regularly invited to mix at Kalt Club and at la Kulture.