Z Lovecraft

Z Lovecraft is the DJ alias of the multi-faceted producer, instrumentalist, and label head, Mali Baden-Powell. With his long-running active involvement A&R’ing and designing for Rhythm Section INTL, working in tandem with his numerous other musical projects. Mali has spent the last few years releasing tracks and remixes on underground labels such as aforementioned Rhythm Section INTL, alongside Scenic Route, Utopia Records, None More Records and Ruf Kutz.

His other musical endeavors are far-reaching. Mali-I, a dub-focused moniker drenched in vintage roots flavour and forward-thinking sensibilities, has gained widespread radio support for his debut LP, ‘In Session’, from the likes of Don Letts and Huey Morgan. He also plays keys in Montazano Sound, a four-piece band who trace the lines of krautrock, funk and neo soul. Look no further than Splinter M90 for all things dnb, liquid, and jungle.

The ‘Z Lovecraft’ sound ties his musical projects together. Being his DJ alias, a Z Lovecraft production is precise, yet predominantly the product of his wide reaching knowledge of electronic music, stylistically ‘loungey’ yet with clear dancefloor influences from breakbeat to techno and beyond. The concept is making cerebral, emotional music for the dancefloor that can transpire fashion or trend. Mali can often be found in his multi-disciplinary Biodiversity Studios, experimenting with synths, dub mixing techniques and niche FX. His production ethos is centered around the natural flow of ideas and inserting the crucial aspect of performance into electronic music.

As a DJ, Z Lovecraft has played internationally at shows across London, Berlin, and Estonia. With an impressive list of sets behind him, he’s touched down on dancefloors such as fabric, The Colour Factory, Corsica Studios, Stage and Radio, and ZENNER. He’s played equally as an independent artist, or as one of Rhythm Section’s resident DJs.

With a seemingly endless collection of creative outputs, it’s exciting to wonder what the next Z Lovecraft project will sound like. What we can expect is some lounging, melodic beats with groove-heavy rhythms and oscillating synthetic psychedelia.