Yugogalactic / ЈУГОГАЛАКТИК

Herzel, Ermilova and Andrej Micajkov are 3 of the most active DJs, producers, collectors, promoters and curators in the tiny but very potent Macedonian club scene. They have regular shows on local and regional radio stations and play in clubs and bars well, almost every day.

Herzel has released his broad discography of house, techno, post punk, synthwave on Hivern Discs, Uncanny Valley, Funnuvojere and many more. Together with Andrej Micajkov they formed Brand Record label, a house and disco oriented label that specialises in reworking rare Macedonian jazz, soul and funk records from the Yugoslav era.

Emi Ermilova is a Skopje household name. Whether she is spinning a house or electro dominated set, her heart is always in the psychedelic zone, relying on acid and comfortably navigating through ambient, new wave, disco, post-punk, dub and electronica, with a sweet spot for whatever comes from her dad’s (now also hers) 80s and 90s record collection.

Hosted by Katerinha, Berlin-based Macedonian DJ and creative producer with a sweet tooth for everything Southern.