Warehouse Preservation Society

The inception of WAREHOUSE PRESERVATION SOCIETY was less an intention than an imperative of their expression. It was only a matter of imperious time before Los Angeles residents, TK & Tavish, disseminated their own breed of new beat grooves and acid dancefloor energy. Their distinct musical resonance was automatic, and they leapt quickly to crafting remixes and original material for the global nightlife community. TAVISH was born and raised between Ocean Park and Venice, adeptly transmuting from hip-hop to house & techno and back again. He has produced a chunk of records under different monikers and also collaborated with SONNS for a 12” for LA’s own ESP Institute. He does his own edit series under TAVISH DJ, and still occasionally works under his shared SID ROAMS moniker.

TK cut his teeth in San Francisco’s fervent underground of the 90s, and created a healthy sonic catalogue under the name Split Secs with partner SONNS, and 40 THIEVES with Corey Black. He has played more events than one can count, and thoroughly detonated dancefloors the world over.

As an active duo, they have landed remix works with such esteemed artists as Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca (ultimately sitting aboard DJ Harvey’s second Pikes Comp); plus Romain FX, Tranquil Elephantizer, Gary Davis (of legendary disco fame), and DJ Garth & Anthony Mansfield. Original cuts have naturally propagated as well; having neatly dished an EP and some bonus loosies out with Bristol’s Futureboogie Recordings, Dusk Recordings, and a knocker on Paramida’s Love On The Rocks label.