Wanton Witch

Born in an isolated community on the island of Borneo, Wanton Witch is a DJ and producer with a hyper-sensitive connection and approach to sound through performance.

It wasn’t until relocating to Bangkok that she was able to access the different communities and musical genres that she would later travel between. There she became a co-founder and original member of the queer underground creative collective Non Non Non which has become a nightlife staple in the city.

With an early taste for trap and hip hop, she began working in the deconstructed club and techno scene where she found her musical voice, beginning her DJ career in 2018. A fortuitous crossing of paths online sparked a creative collaboration with Stroboscopic Artefacts labelhead Lucy, who released Wanton Witch’s eponymous debut album in 2021. The album feels like a reflection of the aggregation that already exists within musical internet subcultures and communities – a place where many diverse and contrasting sound palettes, textures, and structures can fit together to create a new and different, queer way of seeing the world. It was featured as one of the Best Albums of 2021 by Resident Advisor, Mixmag Japan, and many more. Shortly thereafter, Lucy released a full-length album named Lucy Plays Wanton Witch featuring re-interpretations of the original material in a whole new body of work.

Wanton Witch has performed at festivals such as Unsound, Hyperreality, Creamcake, Lunchmeat, and Wonderfruit among others.