Luc Kheradmand, aka Voiski, has been a leading figure in techno music for more than a decade. Becoming, since his debut, a very interesting and respected artist around the world, he succeeded in keeping his huge musical aura and sound through the years and fashions. Famous for his uninterrupted loops and melody, Voiski has developed his own genre that Laurent Garnier like to call “voiskiesque”.

From an Iranian background, Voiski has always been very connected to spiritual music and trance in particular. The element of repetition is ongoing through his catalogue, creating a direct link to his beloved minimalistic classical composers and his Iranian roots.

Experienced live performer, he is also an amazing DJ. His love for classic electro gets space to shine here, together with segments of underestimated beatless material, breaking up the steady pattern of the kick drum. Voiski takes you on a varied ride, allowing you to experience different platforms of sound and emotion, whether he plays 90’s techno tracks, ambient, electro or even disco music.

Appearing around the world under his own name, Luc Kheradmand goes under many guises and is part of several constellations aside from his main alias.

Famous for being the other part of the very popular Polar Inertia, you can also meet him as Vrilski (with Vril), Superski (with Eliott Litrowski), Wav (with Wata Igarashi), Kartei (with Crysta Patterson) or with Hadone on their recent collaboration.

Production wise, Voiski is a very prolific musician. With more than 200 tracks and 20 EP’s, his productions are released on the creme de la creme of labels ; Bassiani, Mama told Ya, L.I.E.S, Dekmantel, Delsin, Ara (kangding ray’s Label), or Dolly (Steffi’s Label), are just a handful of the ones showcasing his work.