'Spinning around’ is a definition relevant both to her records and lifestyle - Berlin- based Vlada remains Moscow-attached. More then 10 years of deep dive into worldwide electronic scene resulted in residency in Arma17 and Mutabor club as well as curation of The Volks parties as a co-founder. The freedom of music coming out of its aerial nature was transfused to her since childhood. Vlada started academic piano education at the age of six and can’t stop this lifetime affair. Growing up around Jazz and Funk melodies from father’s record- player tinged her tune with warm and deep colours and on top raised the affection to vinyl aesthetics and digging. The interruption of conventional boundaries in all the senses was empowered by constant traveling. It immersed her perception into different cultural peculiarities and taught to juggle with meanings and styles. Vlada aims to represent eclectic manner where any genre features seem to eliminate and morph to a special type of unity. Yet sensitive and feminine her power is brave enough to give a chance to new unexpected outcomes of improvisation.