Toti Dalmacion

The name Toti Dalmacion has been synonymous with music in the Philippines for over 4 decades. He started collecting vinyl records at the age of 11 and after getting his feet wet in high school in the 80s via the mobile outfit Positive Noise, Toti immersed himself in the world of djing and dance music as an active part of the LA underground rave scene during his decade-long stint in the US. His exposure to this scene inspired the creation of the music outfit Groove Nation upon his return to Manila. Groove Nation was both a record store and the events group that pioneered Manila's thriving early 90s rave scene by birthing Consortium, the roving club that featured trailblazers in the international dance music scene such as Josh Wink, Laurent Garnier and Derrick Carter - luminaries for whom Toti himself has opened. Even as he established himself as the country’s most popular and credible DJ of substance, Toti entered other arenas of music such as foreign concert production (eg. The Lotus Eaters, China Crisis, Tahiti 80, The Wedding Present, TOE, and Prep), album production under his own indie label Terno Recordings, artist management (most famously for the bands UDD and Radioactive Sago Project), and retail sales under the shop name This Is Pop.

But throughout his illustrious career in music promotions, he has continued to DJ, using this platform in his quest to provide Filipinos with exposure to music of quality and substance, even while challenging people's pop sensibilities along the way. This advocacy has earned Toti a reputation for providing the best dance music experience for attendees of events he top bills. His famed 20,000+ record collection which he started in the late '70s has grown exponentially in recent years and is religiously updated with all the latest releases given the needs of his record store This Is Pop, giving him unparalleled access to music covering everything from house and techno, to drum & bass and downtempo, indie to city pop. And years of experience in the field have allowed Toti to develop an uncanny ability to pick just the right track to move the crowd, create a mood, heighten the excitement, or slow things down as needed.

This multifaceted life in music puts Toti in a unique position to harness his innate love of music and intimate knowledge and understanding of the craft to expertly orchestrate the mood of an event, create the needed vibe, and ensure an unforgettable music experience for the guests.