Thomias L. Radin

Thomias L. Radin is a French-Guadeloupean multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. With a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Rennes 2, he has gained international recognition through his exhibitions and performances. Radin's body of work encompasses painting, performance, wood sculpture, and short film, all following a non-linear narrative that serves as a human diary, exploring themes of mental health, spirituality, geopolitics, cultural colonization, and epistemology. His unique fusion of dance and painting results in fragmented figures blending with vibrant Caribbean backgrounds, drawing inspiration from the ancient history of painting and humanity's intangible heritage. Influenced by his Guadeloupian homeland, Gwo Ka, hip-hop culture, and contemporary dance, Radin's movements reflect his experiences as a Black expatriate in Germany, employing the musical technique of sampling to depict fragments of memory and convey the essential elements of dance: intuition, intimacy, and vulnerability.