Shahin Entezami, also known by his stage name “Tegh” is a musician and sound artist and practitioner based in Tehran, Iran. In his music, Tegh tries to bring new aural experiences to life by using various audio elements and complex soundscapes. These experiences usually manifest his personal perception of facing new stories, geographies and different situations. The ways he usually tries to express these ideas take root in Noise, Drone and Experimental electronic styles and sometimes manifest themselves in the form of electroacoustic compositions. He has also released albums and singles on labels like Opal Tapes (UK), Zabte Sote (IR), Hibernate Recordings (UK), Dronarivm (RU), Inner Ocean Records (CA), Midira Records (GE), Futuresequence (US), Flaming Pines (UK), Injazero Records (UK/TR) and more. Also, based on his eagerness to discover the world of other artists he has been involved in many collaboration projects like “Artirial”, “Temp-Illusion”, “Tegh & Adel Poursamadi” and so forth. Links Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: