Sui Zhen

Sui Zhen released her debut album, Two Seas, back in 2012. Beguiling and enchanting, the record proved to be an early indication of her fascinating melodic structures and compelling lyrical themes - but it was 2015's Secretly Susan that would be her breakthrough. Drawing on dub, lounge, and bossa nova influences, Secretly Susan presents as a synth-pop simulacrum, exploring digital life's myriad intersections with the real. Sui Zhen's musical journey has included involvement in the Red Bull Music Academy, and spanned collaborations with dance and electronic artists like NO ZU, Retiree and Tornado Wallace (featuring on the producer's standout "Today" from 2017's Lonely Planet). She's also been commissioned for scoring and composition work in the ambient sphere, such as creating a "spatially aware soundtrack" to an exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, and providing the live score for Chris Marker's 1983 documentary Sans Soleil.