Steve Mekoudja

Steve Mekoudja is a singer, poet and director. Of Cameroonian origin, he has been living in Germany for 7 years and he practices his passion there on the fringe of his profession as a computer engineer. In March 2015, his short story Tala Ngai, about the gang rapes of women in Congo, was awarded the Stéphane Hessel Prize for young French-speaking writers at the Salon du Livre de Paris. He has written fiction published in magazines and literary journals such as Stadtsprachen, Inspire Afrika Magazine, Amina, Mr Afropolitan, and FU Review. In November 2018, he published his project Rituals (Selection of the Zebra 2019 poetic film festival in Germany) which contains a musical and poetic album and a short film. Rituals is a mixture of music, poetry, dance, and cinema. His musical and visual EP Origins was released in November 2018 and pays tribute to his home country, Cameroon. His new album "Introspections" was released on October 20th.