STECHER is Andi Stecher's beat production moniker. Stemming from his background as a drummer and percussionist he has worked with a variety of bands and productions such as: GORDAN (Morphine, Glitterbeat), Billy Bultheel (Pan), G.A.M.S. (Karlrecords), Orchestre les Mangelepa (Strut Records), Don the Tiger (Crammed Discs), Love Lokombe (Moonshine, Eck Echo), Carla Bozulich ( Constellation Rec.) For his solo productions, STECHER draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources to create his multi-layered compositions and innovative rhythmic patterns. Working on the intersection of drill, post club music, avant pop and polyrhythmic beats he weaves his music out of multiple contemporary production styles in order to push the sonic boundaries of electronic music. STECHER is also about collaboration and community - sharing musical ideas and themes with a diverse range of artists and vocalists and bringing music to life through egalitarian global collaborations.