St. Maria de la Psycodelia

Enter the realm of SANTA MARIA DE LA PSYCODELIA, the DJ persona of Colombian musician, poly instrumentalist and producer Maria Mallol Moya, also known in the music scene as Natura Morta! Experience an eclectic journey through South America's finest psychedelic sounds, seamlessly blending past and present to create a sanctuary of trippy sensations and immersive beats that will hypnotize you into a trance on the dance floor! Feel the fusion of electronics with acid fuzz, as cumbias weave through rainforest sounds, and soul beats transform into vibrant salsas and ride into disco happiness! The aim is simple: to elevate your spirit and unleash your wild side as you dance to the rhythms of music and freedom. Dive into the depths of brutal electronic and dark sounds with Natura Morta's curated sessions. So, feel free to explore those darker realms and let the music take you on an bright darkness.