Tony F Wilson is a British-Jamaican producer and DJ who was co-promoter of the fabled Quirky experimental-techno events at Brixton's Vox club in the 90s. Contemporaneously, he collaborated with members of Seefeel, Slowdive and Sonic Youth in the musical projects Zurich and Echo Park and in 2005 produced and recorded in the apocalyptic-folk ensemble Knives ov Resistance for the Aurora Borealis label. Since moving to Oslo in 2007 he has recorded and performed in the projects Necessary, Mud People and Human Inferno. In December 2020 Woodford Halsed released Spykidelic's debut solo album False Dread. Botex Spykidelic a collaboration with sound artist Timon Botez was released by Preston Capes on July 1st.