Spiral Tribe

Representing radical underground sound system Spiral tribe, created in London at the end of 1990:

Debbie Griffith aka Feenix13: one of the co-founders, organizers & designer/space decorator of Spiral Tribe. When the sound system got chased out of Britain in 1992 and travelled to Europe, Debbie coined the word 'Teknival' to describe a new kind of festival event in France, with techno music being a central focus. At the end of the 1990s she fulfilled a similar role with 'Sound Conspiracy' which organised many huge and successful donation-only parties in Italy, and then travelled overland with the sound system to India. Based near Marseille since 2000, she has been resident designer for the Audiotrix record label. In 2008, the creative core of Spiral Tribe formed SP23 and have been performing live together ever since. Debbie is the resident VJ. In 2015 with a french meditation teacher, she co-created 'Dharma Techno', a new concept of silent meditation retreat with an evening of live techno.

Mark Angelo Harrison: founding member, artist and activist. Two of his current projects are: Space Pirates From The Future, a possibly fictitious experiment in time travel that is raising funds for re-wilding nature projects, and Forward The Revolution, a collaboration between members of Spiral Tribe and FSJS, a group of French lawyers who support free party sound systems that have been attacked by the police.