Introducing DJ spa2k, a lifelong migrant born in Istanbul, whose musical journey spans continents and decades. Raised in the vibrant musical era of the 80s, his passion for dance music ignited with iconic albums like Falco 3, setting the stage for a lifelong exploration of electronic sounds. As a teenager in Istanbul, Kaan's discovery of Derrick May's techno and minimal beats sparked a passion that would shape his musical identity for years to come, evolving into a lifelong love affair with collecting music. Establishing himself in San Francisco, then becoming a fixture in Buenos Aires' expat DJ scene, his eclectic sets blend genres seamlessly, taking listeners on a sonic adventure. Now calling Berlin home, he continues to captivate audiences with his signature style, blending high BPMs and broken beats with ambient sounds, all spun from a vinyl collection rich in minimal, house, disco, and experimental sounds.