Sónar Festival

Sónar is a pioneering festival that’s reflected the evolution and expansion of electronic music and digital culture since its first edition in 1994. Each year, Sónar converts Barcelona into a focal point for music lovers, artists and professionals from across the world, drawn to the multiple stages and venues of the Fira Barcelona by the festival’s innovative content, format, and celebratory atmosphere. True to its name, Sónar tracks and amplifies the present and future musical landscape, hosting the most influential artistic creations of the current moment and providing a platform for artists from around the world. In doing so, it serves as a proving ground for new and emerging trends at the intersection of performance, music, science, information technology and beyond. After three decades and over 100 editions worldwide, Sónar continues to re-define what a festival can be, removing barriers and forging connections between audiences, genres and creative disciplines.

Sónar 2024 takes place from 13th - 16th June, in Barcelona. Tickets at