Some Out Of None

A brief story about Some Out Of None as an artist, also goes by the name of ''Yoeri''. Musically raised by the art of bboying better known as breakin/breakdance. Besides loving the process of creating he also collects vinyl and practices the art of dj-ing daily. Since early days he felt passionate about music and how it connects people. Around his teens, he got his first turntables and mixer and started recording mixes through tape decks. Shortly after that he built his own DJ booth with a friend. From there he started collecting music and building a music library for his own listening pleasure.

In the years after he started with bboying'/breakdance and found out about this whole movement and culture. He delved further into currents and influences and got to know a different kind of music. As a dancer he went into organizing dance events and making music. At these activities and meeting many new people, he discovered House music in its purest form. Fascinated by the Chicago and Detroit sounds he got inspired by four to the floor music.

In terms of a musical spectrum he actually moves in all sorts of directions. What is important to Yoeri is that it generates energy, emotion and pureness at all times. In Yoeri's opinion music should uplift you. You might recognize this energy in his music.