FATUMA, originally from Tanzania but is born and raised in Stockholm, now splits her time between Berlin and Athens as she thrives in her role as a DJ/producer. She draws to various electronic music genres but is driven to carve out her own sound, deeply influenced by her upbringing and heritage. which has turned her childhood and ancestry into a major influence in her work. Though grappling with the challenge of translating her thoughts into music, she excels at using it as a medium for self-expression. Recently, FATUMA started her own record label, ASHR (Autonomous Sensory Hypnotic Response), envisioned as a sanctuary for herself and fellow industry members. In her announcement of the label, she stated: "As a black woman in this industry, my goal with ASHR is to honor and celebrate the rich history of techno through music, while also amplifying underrepresented voices and sounds resonating with ASHR. The orientation of the label is RAW, old school, infused with new modern hypnotic sounds that will tingle the unknown sensory of your mind’’. Her debut compilation features a diverse variety of artists from around the globe, alongside her own first release, marking the outset of her journey as a producer. Listeners can anticipate hypnotic grooves, trippy trance, minimalist rhythms, ambient textures, and psychedelic soundscapes throughout it.