Sobolik is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work as a producer, DJ, promoter and label curator seeks to open dialogues across cultures and practices of modern club music. Co-heading the UK-based label All Centre alongside Simkin and DJ Pitch, Sobolik has been turning heads with futuristic club cuts on labels such as 3024, CloudCore, Woozy, and early reflex. Sobolik's world is filled with colour and hyperkinetic energy - not fitting in one box, their output reacts to a broad palate of styles across North American and UK club music traditions.

Sobolik curates a bimonthly party called inside voices, hosting key figures in the New York bass scene including K Wata, Despina, and T.Wan. Along with Lychee and T.Wan, they also co-organize a queer Sunday evening comedown called Antidote. In February, they will release their third EP in a debut collaboration with Kindergarten Records, joining modern bass scene luminaries like Ayesha, Sha Ru, and Stolen Velour at Brooklyn’s preeminent home of chaotic and forward-thinking digital club tracks.