Sleepy Insomniac

Sleepy Insomniac is a DJ based out of New Delhi, India, with a penchant for hazy, dreamy and tripped-out electronic music. Having an appetite for a wide variety of sounds, he plays an eclectic range of tunes that span across hypnotic electro, chuggy acid and breaks, old school and new age trance, and rattling drum and bass. With a background in computer science, he is usually immersed in projects that meld music, software and technology.

Between the years 2019 and 2021, he was a radio resident at New Delhi based, producing the show Lucid Dreams which introduced listeners to an amalgamation of new wave and old school euphoric stompers and smoke-and-haze melodies. Sleepy Insomniac has produced his signature drawn out, high-energy mixes for Worldwide FM, Rinse FM, Kiosk Radio, Operator Radio, Future Intel and more. Sleepy Insomniac has also performed live alongside international and local icons like Aurora Halal, GiGi FM, DJ Plead, SUCHI, Spacejams and more.