Siamak Amidi

Born and raised in Iran, Siamak Amidi is a music producer, DJ, label owner at Volt Music and curator at Analog Room. Playing music for almost two decades, Siamak is the art director for one of the purest house and techno hubs in Dubai and in the Middle East. Siamak is known to be able to hold a dancefloor in the palm of his hand for long hours, for experimenting with edgy sounds and unique textures both in the studio and behind the decks. He played his first international gig in 2006 in nightclub in Düsseldorf, Germany. He then decided to move abroad in 2007 and study music production and sound and audio engineering at SAE institute in Dubai, UAE. After moving to Dubai and learning the nightlife and art scene map of the city, he started his own night club with a few friends of him called “ToOurHouse” in one of the very rare underground venues of Dubai. While playing at the best venues of the city and also having a few gigs a year in Europe, Siamak finished his university in 2009 and had more time to work on his solo projects and develop his vision and concepts he had in mind. In 2012 he decided to launch Analog Room with his friend and business partner. The brand then became one of the the leading names in Middle East for quality electronic music and is also very well known in Europe and around the world.