Growing up in Berlin, shaped by a dancing mother and a bass-intensive dad (famous DDR musician), the music means EVERYTHING for Shimanski from an early age.

At the age of five, the keys of a piano were already sensitively operated, at the age of 12 the drumsticks and a drum kit were added. Shimanski originally started with techno music in 2012. She played in small clubs in Berlin to practice a lot.

Today Shimanski enchants the dance crowd with Italo disco mixed with electronic elements, dark disco, indie dance and nu wave.

Since 2020 Shimanski has been a resident DJ of the Disco Bizarre crew, which is famous for their legendary shows every Saturday at KitKatClub Berlin.

Since 2022 she has had the chance to host one Saturday per month at the lovely basement of KitKatClub, where she invites many great artists from around the globe.