Sharon by technocumbia2030

Sharon Mercado Nogales is a dancer/ choreographer from the Bolivian Andes based in Berlin. She's constantly seeking to provoke the current cultural spectrum through body and movement by working with the resignification of dance and music materials. In her work she incorporates autobiographical and contextual archives that go through an exercise of memory, by putting the knowledge of her ancestors and her current life experience as conditions to rethink and transform them. Creating spaces for dance and performance that could move bodies and feelings. Currently she's part of the collectives "cobracobra" and "Moviendo Territorios". In the last years, she developed the dance practice "Technocumbia" a dance practice, inspired by the archive of the dance contest "Sábados Populares” in the 90s Bolivia and the current andean cumbia videoclips. This practice combines movements of the High Energy and Euro-classics with Andean Cumbia steps.