Some say Sasha Kills was birthed from the galactic embers of a dying star. Others say they atomised spontaneously from the vapours of Berlin Strength XXX amyl nitrate. MC & creator of La Guillotine (Paris & Berlin) & Omelette Du Fromage (Berlin) - Sasha is a Neo-French chimeric creature with a Berlin aftertaste a la Mullholland Drive in the early morning.

Hybrid between the North American and European cultures and with a constantly-evolving appearance, Sasha likes to play with the different registers of Drag but also pushing their concepts to the max till reaching non-human forms.

Legendary dark star of the international scene, reinvention, surprise and absurdity are recurring and essential elements in Sasha’s performances which can be compared to a joker card: impossible to predict what is going to appear and to take place on stage.