Sara Dziri

DJ, music composer, producer, and performer Sara Dziri is a versatile artist who keeps adding strings to her bow. Her DJ sets and productions stand for surprising, rhythmically complex house and techno, with hybridity and melancholy as central themes in her music and overall artistic work. On stage, Sara uses music as more than a means of expression; it is her way of building bridges between people and making them feel like they belong.

Sara dived into and played many genres before tracing her musical journey through composition. The apprenticeship of music quickly became an opportunity to overcome the distance and differences between her two cultures (Belgian and Tunisian). This multifaceted identity helped her navigate the music industry and establish herself as a pillar of Brussels’ electronic underground scene in just a few years.

She is a current resident at Kiosk Radio & Tsugi Radio and Fuse, Belgium’s longest running techno club.

While pursuing her DJ and producer career, Sara expands her portfolio as a composer and performer, having presented work in several theaters across Belgium & Netherlands. She is also active within the electronic music community, co-founding Not Your Techno in 2019, a platform and party collective dedicated to bringing more diversity to the Belgian underground scene.