sōydivision Ensemble

The sōydivision Ensemble is a sub-entity of the Soydivision Collective, an artist group dedicated to the development of experimental theater music. This constellation was formed in 2018 under the direction of Ariel William Orah, following the execution of the collective's inaugural and longest-running showcase series, "Soy&Synth."

The core concept behind the ensemble is to translate the composition process of theater music into a dynamic live performance, fostering interactions with various other art forms such as culinary arts, cinema, light installations, wayang (shadow puppetry), radionovela (radio drama), and more. The musical output prominently reflects influences from non-Western music traditions and sound practices, seamlessly blending with contemporary sound techniques such as concrete music, acousmatic music, and experimental electronic music. The element of storytelling holds significant importance for the ensemble, as it serves as a means to initiate dialogues and empathy on themes related to diaspora, identity, and activism.