As a key-player in Pakistan’s emerging electronic music scene, Rudoh takes an indelible and hard-working approach to his craft as a producer, DJ and audio engineer. First discovering his passion for electronic music as a fan of the burgeoning LA-beats scene in the late noughties, he and his friends managed to get their hands on a copy of the music software Reason, making and sharing beats amongst their circle. After scouting around for other like-minded music makers in Karachi they built a small network materializing in the form of an improvised, cross-genre live show called Karachi Detour Rampage. These meetings led to a friendship with another local artist, and the establishment of Forever South, a record label and events platform specializing in electronic music – the first of its kind in Pakistan.

Completing a BSc in Audio Engineering at the famed SAE Institute in London, Rudoh was exposed to the club sounds of the city. This led to him establishing Box in a Box, a 7.1 surround sound mixing studio and eventually went on to play an instrumental role in setting up the state-of-the-art Aleph studios, now a vital focal point in the Karachi music scene. These experiences and influences were eventually solidified during a trip to play at Jai Thep Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand and contributed to the razor sharp production, breaks and electro indebted sound that make up his style today. His robust yet intricate output is one that fills dancefloors but is equally malleable to home listening and headphone environments. Currently based in Dubai, he makes music at every given opportunity striving for audio perfection. His latest venture is Jugaar Records, a new collaborative label project with Sameer Arshad with origins in Pakistan and rooted in the South Asian problem-solving mentality “Jugaad”.