Rubin Henkel

Rubin Henkel is an artist who reconfigures memory throughout his music, in his debut album Ruhe (2018) Rubin collected the first melodies he ever recorded around his childhood and early teens. Back then he captured the music on a number of devices; his mother's old compact camera, various iPods and sound recorders. In 2018 he reinterpreted those works in his studio in Berlin and released the album in the same year. During the pandemic, Rubin spent most of his time with his father the photographer Philip Pocock and delved into his archive of street photography taken in Berlin before the fall of the wall. Inspired by the imagery, finding a sense of escapism contained in the scenes and after hearing from his mother and father about the social milieu of the time he saw many parallels to our contemporary fragmented society. Browsing through countless photos Rubin felt a strong connection to some characters and scenes. He then wrote compositions inspired by 12 selected photographs and entered into an artistic dialogue with the work of his father from over three decades ago.