Rosa Landers

Rosa Landers is a singer, guitarist, composer, laughing yoga guide, and actress born and raised in Berlin. She is renowned for unique live performances that have been acclaimed as humorous, yet melancholic, soulful, jazzy, and delicate cabaret ballads. She has graced audiences at Fusion Festival and Holzmarkt, leaving the crowd activated and energised. Classically trained in acting and elements of musical theatre in both Barcelona and London, Rosa was performing as part of the Berlin-based theatre company “Monbijou Theater”. Since 2020 she has been going through a happy metamorphosis from actress to self-taught full-time musician, digging deeper into the underground music scene in Berlin as a regular guest singer in the “Cassette Head Sessions” and formerly as part of the soulful vocal ensemble “A Song For You” led by renowned singer Noah Slee. One of her first releases was the EP “GHOSTED- or, the cactus effect” under the pseudonym solvay in collaboration with South African producer Robin Brink aka “okayshades”. This was followed by an LP released in 2022 by the label SONAR KOLLEKTIV as half of the cheeky psychedelic duo “Tutu Amuse” in which she sang, and played guitar, bass, and keys. In the same year, she debuted her live solo experience as Rosa Landers featuring a range of international Berlin-based talent as her band with which she is going to play this year’s festival season.