Root Radio

Root has been an active initiative for over a 3-year period. It has started with organizing intercultural events, concerts and talks as an idea to merge local and migrant communities together.

Later in order to adapt to the conditions of the epidemic, Root transformed into an online platform creating the space needed by many artists, crate diggers and activists engaging with a number of different projects including radio shows, musical events, exhibitions, talks and solidarity campaigns. Throughout its development, the Root crew has consisted of a self-funded small group of curators, programmers, producers, and graphic designers working collectively to support each other while growing the network and the wider music community from different geographies of the world.

Root has been active specifically in the Istanbul scene; organizing a series of events including concerts, live performances and talks under the name of Palestine Underground with Anahit Istanbul, later then moving into the heart of Beyoğlu, Root organized two takeovers with Şahika İstanbul where people can gather to talk, discuss, and dance together. On the Asian side of Istanbul, collaborated with arkaoda for exhibitions, live performances and concerts. Besides from physical events, Root curated an online event with selected musicians, djs and producers to support Moria Camp. Later in that year, in the support of Sheikh Jarrah, organized a two weeks Solidarity with Palestine campaign with artists all around the globe, launching a campaign to support financially the Samir Bookstore in Gaza which was destroyed by Israeli settler forces. Alongside of that, Root curated music events for special days such as 8th March and 1st of May.

Root’s online existence continued with community radios surrounding Middle East and Mediterranean; takeovers with Radio Alhara and Exist Festival from Palestine, Movement Radio from Greece, Mutant Radio from Georgia and many more.

In the near future Root aims to become a cross-cultural physical space where people with different backgrounds may get together to translate their creative expressions into a growing community.