Raf Reza

Raf Reza is a Toronto based DJ and producer stitching the sonic links between the seemingly unrelated.

Raf has been involved in many corners of Toronto’s music community over the last 8 years. As a curator at Toronto’s June Records over the last 5 years and an editor of Toronto’s dance music zine TEMPO, he constantly keeps his ear tuned to music coming from both the local and international community.

His DJ sets are genre-fluid in nature where tracks flow over and under each other through a variety of tempos and time periods. This variety is also heard on the handful of releases under Raf Reza and the Radiant Aura Faculty alias. The elastic essence of his musical expression has taken him across several venues throughout Europe over the last year and has also earned him an opportunity to participate in the 2019 Red Bull Bass Camp in Calgary.

Raf’s acute sensibility and boundless reach will continue to morph the musical boundaries within dance-floors.