Priori is an alias of Canadian musician Francis Latreille Under the Priori Moniker, Québecois musician Francis Latreille has established himself as a crucial voice in underground techno. His 2019 full-length debut On A Nimbus, released on his own NAFF imprint, was a haunting foray into the possibility/impossibility of technological utopia, where elements of dub techno, drum & bass, IDM, and tech-house curiously converged, resulting in an album at once familiar, modern, and undeniably singular. Francis followed that with a string of essential releases – from the slow-burning techy meditations of SCN and Little Flower to the anthemic, trance-inflected Infinity–ending with 2021’s Your Own Power. Where On A Nimbus is overtly pensive and opaque, Your Own Power rises to a lighter and more joyful atmosphere, full of fractalizing patterns, ear-prickling textures, and crystalline melodies that emerge and flicker in stunning detail. Here, as in all Priori’s music, there remains an unresolved tension of opposites; between the biological and the synthetic, the actual and the possible, the positive and the negatively charged. In this way, this body work stands as a study of nature of a kind, a science of life in its myriad forms.

Priori is also an accomplished mixing engineer; a quick search will reveal an exhaustive list of credits on projects by Roza Terenzi, D. Tiffany, Escape Artist, Bambii, Gene Tellem, Maara, and ex terrestrial, to name a few. Between the label he runs with Adam Feingold (aka ex terrestrial) and the studio he runs with Patrick Holland, Francis is quietly shaping the course of underground electronic dance music in Canada and abroad.