Pleasure is the project of Brazilian Duda Bernardez, a DJ and cultural contributor in the São Paulo electronic music scene. She has been involved in various projects both within and beyond nightlife, such as the management of Senta - a wellness queer project for raves, focused on harm reduction in substance use and safer sex - and the creation and direction of ABRTA, a platform that searches the promotion of Latin American artists and reflects about decolonization in the electronic music scene of the continent. She also runs a monthly show at the Mexican Internet Public Radio called Sesh Time, in which the musical selection encourages guests to make a soundtrack for a sesh (a trip :D) or just a pleasure moment alone or with friends.

Being influenced by many eras of dance music, she’s always seeking to materialize the principle that names her project, while living up to it in the process. Mixing old with new, presenting sophisticated and energetic selections, following a line that goes from breaky house and trippy early trance tracks to acid basslines and electro styles, as a result of her love and fascination for the dancefloor. Hence, she is someone who not only means what she says but knows what she plays.