Om Unit

Since 2009, Jim Coles has distilled various influences – hip-hop, dubstep, ambient, jungle, footwork, techno, and more – into a fluid take on soundsystem culture that sidesteps the pitfalls of genres and pastiche, creating new potentials. It’s how, in the early 2010s – under the recently resurrected »Philip D Kick« alias – he came to pioneer the stylistic and rhythmic links between jungle and footwork via a series of acclaimed edits that brought him to the attention of the drum & bass scene.

In 2011, Coles started Cosmic Bridge Records, exercising an A&R sensibility that has created an exciting independent home for likeminded artists, championing veterans such as Kromestar, J:Kenzo, and Boxcutter alongside new voices from Europe, America and beyond, including Danny Scrilla, Proc Fiscal and Russia’s A.Fruit. His explorations into electronic music have flourished through releases for Civil Music – including his critically acclaimed debut album, 2013’s Threads – or 2014’s Inversion album, where legendary drum & bass outfit Metalheadz gave him access to Goldie’s personal sample archive. On top come releases for Planet Mu (for a collaboration with Machinedrum as Dream Continuum), All City Records, and dBridge’s Exit Records. Coles is also a sought after D, with over 500 appearances in clubs and festivals in more than 30 countries.