Noga Bedo

Noga Bedo, a versatile musical artist hailing from London, inherits a rich legacy from his renowned Malagasy roots, courtesy of his father, the esteemed singer and guitarist Nogabe Randriaharimalala. Noga Bedo was previously part of London collective Children Of The Wind (Lechani, Teeze, Loraxx), and his discography boasts collaborations with Feux (1.1M+ streams), LAWD LAF, and other peers on the up and up. He blends cultural influences as he creates amapiano and Afrohouse-influenced productions. His music resonates with soulful rhythms and evocative melodies, serving as a testament to his profound connection to his ancestral roots and the diverse musical landscapes he traverses, as he sings and raps in both English and French.

Beyond his prowess in the realm of music, Bedo's creative spirit extends to the world of modeling, where he has worked with esteemed brands such as Mercedes Benz, Puma, and Converse.