Nídia is one the leading lights of Lisboa’s Príncipe, reflecting the label’s local and global perspective and the importance of community. Born to Guinean parents, she left for Bordeaux at the age of 14, taking with her the rhythms she used to dance to in Vale da Amoreira, a suburb of Lisbon on the south bank of the Tagus River. In France, equipped with FL Studio production software and some tutorial videos, she began to explore a variety of genres that were close to her heart: from kuduro to kizomba, and tarraxinha to afrobeat.

Nídia (who used to go by Nídia Minaj) is now back home in Lisboa, where she’s continued to experiment, increasingly toying with conceptions of modernity. Her sound is difficult to categorise but now incorporates elements of hip-hop, r&b and grime along with the rhythms she’s always held dear.  Her light touch and ear for melody has led to collaborations with artists like Fever Ray or Kelela, and her DJ sets and live performances are hotly anticipated across the world.