Rene Nicolas Tolaba, a.k.a. Nicolab, DJ and music producer, born in Tucumán, Argentina, where he accomplished a degree of attorney, but his passion for music bent his journey towards the excitement of electronic music performance. Music bands such as Depeche Mode, Era, Pink Floyd, and artists such as Giorgio Moroder and Alan Parsons, played a significant role in his endeavours, shaping his current music taste.

Since 2015, while residing in Buenos Aires, he has taken music production lessons that followed by three years of relating with recognised artists, which gave him the opportunity to perform in Argentina, New Zealand, and Germany. While following his true passion of producing his own electronic music style, he set his base at Berlin, dazzled by the Berlin Techno scene. Nicolab strongly believes that music is created from the heart, that our surroundings affect our feelings such that one’s music can be unique due to the unrepeatable place and time of creation. He is fond of variety, melody and surprise in his musical conceptions.

Nicolab often says “electronic music is assembly and connecting through music is pure beauty and pleasure”.