Nelson Wayair

I'm Wayair, a producer and DJ from the States living in Berlin for several years now and becoming a Berliner :) My introduction to Music began with attending church with my family in Chicago. I was a child actor and took Jazz classes, and learned how to read and write music by taking an orchestra class where I studied the Viola. My parents loved music - singing and dancing were a must and I was shown how to use a DJ PA system!

I started producing and working with Hip Hop groups and artists in the 2000s which lead me to become a DJ although I didn't feel like standing behind Rappers was as good a feeling as being solo and dictating the vibe.

When I was around 15 or so I started to spend summers with my Uncle "Harrison Crump", a Chicago house legend, where I was brought up to speed on House - hearing heroes of mine like Kerry Chandler and Omar S. I believe that's where I got my real love for hands-on or analog production. It was in his studio that I learned what a true artist was (he produced, mixed, mastered and sang) - he would write his own music then go spin the tracks live in Chicago clubs with other friends like Felix Tha House cat!

I started traveling the world around 25 and gathering records from NYC, Geneva, Paris, and London gave me a wide cultural experience while mixing. To play House music in Berlin throughout the years has been beautiful, although it can be unique as the want for Techno in this city will never die. It feels good to be able to say I stuck to my hometown roots, technique and style of selecting grooves to mash up, blend and take you on a journey...