Neana [on the trak] originates from the Lake District national park, England. TT rose to prominence as one of the younger members of iconic label Night Slugs.

In club & radio mode Neana juxtaposes abrasive rhythms and sensitive attitudes back to back ; the listener might identify memes from Tribal House, UK Funky, Grime & R&B. This distinctive mixing style has been delivered in sets for Boiler Room, Radio 1 & throughout the USA & EU. 

After a reserved entry into the public sphere, Neans has most recently released a debut EP titled ‘Evaser’. 4 escape rhythm & pastel trax dropped almost a year after the 2017 project ‘The Trak Rekord’; a feature length mixtape of formative club productions. In addition to consistently dropping bootlegs, remixes & collaborative works; Neana has pressed two 12” singles & contributed to various compilations. Neans’ latest release ‘Trace’ contains 6 assorted music files from muddy walks, street & pasture.