Nathalie Seres

Her curiosity to dig into different genres as well as her ability to curate DJ sets in which she blends the likes of House, Breaks, Acid, Garage and other UK-inspired touches into an artistically complex journey is what brought her to be one of the newest appointed Berghain residents. “A Berghain resident who offers something a little different: a UK-influenced, breakbeat-heavy sound.” (RA) She showcases that passion in her debut EP “If There Is One”, released in 2022 on Never Not Now, a label that she co-runs alongside close friends in Berlin. Born and raised in central Germany but of a Polish origin, Nathalie grew up listening to D'n'B and eventually earned her stripes as a DJ in the psytrance scene during the mid noughties. While the artistic side of things is imperative for her, she is well familiar with the operative tasks of club culture : for seven years Nathalie was one of the main organisers of the Freqs of Nature Festival, known for its experimental music and art, being responsible for the programming of the six-day event southwest of Berlin-Brandenburg, booking its electronic line-up’s and overall creative concept, showing her deep understanding for musical curation. Nathalie currently holds a residency at Refuge Worldwide Berlin, providing her with an outlet to explore more than dance floor orientated sets. However her passion to entertain a crowd can hardly be hidden for long, and you will find her slipping in some of her favourite dance floor tunes in the mix.