Nathalia Petkova

A naturally active person, in 2014 Nathalia founded Experiment Intrinsic, a hidden art dimension organically blended with the visual and musical imagination.

The following years were dedicated as developing the project into a dynamic and constantly evolving audiovisual platform. This new chapter presented a pivotal change in Nathalia’s life, in which she pursued a path of deeper self inquiry and progression of sound. Moving from the dance-floor oriented music and into ambient soundscapes, Nathalia’s influences drew increasingly from experimental electronic, as well as traditional and spiritual genres.

2017 saw the first edition of Experiment Intrinsic in a festival format, which took place at a historical park in Dordogne, France. The festival provided an opportunity to deliver an immersive 5-day program of curated soundscapes, projection mapping, yoga, and workshops.

Whilst maintaining community, peace, and awareness at its center, the project continues to expand with various collaborations under way, as well as preparations for the next festival edition in 2022.

Nathalia’s mixes combine field recordings, spoken word, mantras and subtle textures to create powerful narratives that guide the listener into a deeper state. In her sets today, organic tapestries of sound move with the breath of nature. It would seem her devotion and deep immersion into music and self discovery is what has guided her as an artist.