Nastya Vogan

Nastya Vogan, a musician hailing from Odesa, educated in Kyiv and currently living in Berlin, approaches high-intensity dance music tracks as found objects for engineering odd and varied sonic adventures. Nastya's dj gigs translate her immediate responses to particular environments, while her recorded dj mixes are a diary of sorts of the path she treads in both stylistic and psychogeographic terms.

A Tumblr-era urban dweller, she also constructs hybrid dj-set/live performances utilizing loops cut from YouTube videos, thus exploring both the potential of four-deck mixing and the sonic treasury that is the Internet for a keen ear like hers.

Nastya does her own music production and composition work as well, ranging from full-fledged live solo performances to creative collaborations, such as recently for an opera with Albert van Abbe. A prepared performance as part of Mariana Berezovskaya's project "Letters to Kyiv", gigs at CTM festival and the famous Berghain, a quarterly residence on EOS radio, a continuous residence at Kyiv's fine ∄, educational work as a co-runner of Module.Exchange electronic music school, tracks contributed to various compilations — these are all among Nastya's various strains of creative and cultural activity