Nando The Native

Nicaraguan-born, Berlin-based artist Nando the Native serves a genuine reflection of his innermost thoughts and emotions through his music, inviting listeners into his world with raw honesty and vulnerability. Influenced by Frank Ocean, Miguel, and a variety of artists in the realm of R&B and indie pop/rock, his music offers a unique insight into the complexities of human experiences and his journey of self-discovery.

Having grown up straddling two contrasting cultures, Nando's vocal and musical versatility is a testament to the beauty of embracing one's unique identity. Rejecting the confines of traditional labels, he forges his own path, infusing his music with the richness of his Nicaraguan heritage and the cosmopolitan energy of Berlin's creative scene. Nando has already made a name for himself in the Berlin R&B scene, collaborating with local and international artists, such as renowned producers like Jonny Wood (Coco Jones, Denzel Curry, Babyface) and Axel Benamar (Daniel Caesar).

As a member of the award-winning R&B group "A Song For You," led by Noah Slee, Nando has shared the stage with talents like Nick Hakim, Kelvyn Colt, and Annahstasia, while also leaving his mark on the fashion world through collaborations with Carhartt, Dr. Martens, and Levi’s.